We recently revamped our logo. Why? Because we felt our previous one didn’t represent what MyVariety is now.

What does the new design represent?
Our revamped logo retains the retro look from our previous logo but it has a little modern touch added to it to make it unique.
The retro look represents the past of gaming and computers without the past we wouldn’t be where we are today. Plus if you are a gamer or just like retro designs, it can make you feel a little nostalgic.

The colors and color psychology. The colors of our logo and website represent an aspect of our company that helps make us stand out among competitors. The purple represents Creativity, this is an aspect we look for when we hire Team Members and when looking for potential clients. The blue represents Trust, we want clients to know we are dependable and can be trusted and this is also an aspect we look for in new hires and potential clients.

Our logo may not 100% align with some standards in terms of modern design, but it is unique and we believe that a logo needs to be unique and stand out among others. Our logo does just that with a hint of inspiration from modern design standards.