Focus less on IT and more on  your business.

What can we do for your business?

  • Provide you with IT advice to meet the needs if your business.
  • Provide you with IT Support for your current IT infrastructure.
  • Provide you with a path forward to upgrade your current IT infrastructure or implement a new IT infrastructure, and implement that path.
  • Provide you with a well-rounded Managed IT Solution to continually maintain and improve your IT infrastructure.

We aim to provide you with the services to allow you to focus on your company, while we handle your IT infrastructure.

MyVariety Business Services Include:

MyVariety Business IT Subscription

Our Business IT Subscription will provide a comprehensive IT solution. We will work with you to create a custom plan that will meet your needs so that you can stay focused on your mission by,

  • Actively supporting and maintaining your IT Infrastructure.
  • Providing you with technology advice and long-term planning.
  • Maintaining and keeping documentation current.
  • Monitoring and Preventing downtime.
  • Assisting you with managing backups.

MyVariety Business IT Support

Support for your already in place systems. We will provide you with the support needed to,

  • Troubleshoot your current issues.
  • Repair your current issues.
  • Apply patches.
  • Restore you back to a working state.

MyVariety Business IT Implementation

Assistance to help you choose and implement the right hardware, software, or other technology solution that will meet your needs. This includes,

  • Building an IT Infrastructure that meets your needs.
  • Implementing a new IT Infrastructure.
  • Upgrading your current IT Infrastructure.
  • Providing documentation for your new IT Infrastructure.

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