Spend more time living and less time fixing.

What we can do for you:

  • Provide you with Remote Support to assist you with many different issues.
  • Provide you with In Home visits for issues that require it.
  • Provide you with a simple and safe process to drop-your device off or for us to pick-up to diagnose and repair.

We aim to provide you with the services necessary to ensure that your device is repaired back to a working state.

MyVariety Home Services Include:

MV Home Remote

We will provide remote support for any issue you are having with your machine. You will pay per remote session. MV Home in Home will incur additional costs if needed, details will be explained upon request.

$50 per session

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MV Home Complete

Get the benefits of all our MyVariety Home services in one package! Our MyVariety Home Complete subscription allows you to take advantage of all our services without to hassle of the extra costs.

  • Free Remote Support
  • 50% OFF the hourly rate for MV Home In Home
  • 50% OFF the labor rate for MV Home Device Repair
  • Diagnostic Fee for MV Home Device Repair is waived
  • Pick-Up Fee for MV Home Device Repair is waived

$20 per month
$144 per year

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MV Home Device Repair

We will meet you at one of our designated drop-off locations or we will pick-up your device to do diagnostics. After we do diagnostics, we will reach out to you to provide a quote for repairs. MV Home Device Repair will have the following fees:

  • Diagnostic Fee of $25
  • Pick-Up Fee of $25 plus $0.60 per mile
  • If you meet at a MV Drop-Off Location, you avoid the Pick-Up Fee
  • Labor Rate is $40 per hour
  • You will also pay for the total cost of parts

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