MyVariety Undergoing Major Changes

Greetings! I am proud to announce some changes that we are undergoing and some that could be happening soon.

We have removed the Administrative Team and the Council has changed. This is part of a plan to make management of MyVariety easier and more efficient. The MyVariety Council now consists of a President, Vice President, Community Division Manager, Services Division Manager, and a Development Division Manager.

The next changes are to the MyVariety Re-Born Project, we will no longer be working on our own custom forums. Instead we will be using XenForo for our new community forums. We plan on having some custom features developed for the Forums at some point down the road. We will no longer be working on a Marketplace, instead we will be providing a place to advertise what you are selling. We will be creating an Advertising category, this category will be moderated and managed in a way to prevent spamming. It is planned to be a privilege for our most dedicated Members, which we will release more on this soon. We also have a new logo in the works, we will not be changing our logo until this new one is complete so expect a logo re-branding at some point.

Our new website is live at , however, we will still be making changes to the site so expect changes. Registrations are not open yet on our Website, as we are currently working on the permissions.

That’s all for now! Check with us soon for the next announcement.