New Addition to our Community Division

We have recently taken over management of the SkyVoid Community. They will become our official Minecraft community and we will be using SkyVoid for all things related to Minecraft.

What does this mean for the MyVariety Community and Minecraft related content?
We will be integrating SkyVoid into parts of MyVariety. But in terms of Minecraft, all things Minecraft will be done through SkyVoid. Anything referring to Minecraft we will be mentioning SkyVoid. We will also be creating an official page for SkyVoid on the community for Members to join.

Why have a separate community for Minecraft?

Our involvement with Minecraft has decreased since last year. Having a separate community for Minecraft will allow us to let those more involved with Minecraft to run the community. We do not plan on stopping our involvement with Minecraft completely, we will still be overseeing the SkyVoid Minecraft Community.

Welcome SkyVoid to MyVariety!