Our Partnership program aims to not only benefit us but we value our partners and we want the partnership to be beneficial to them as well.


Expand your Network

Being a MyVariety Partner can open you to opportunities to connect with our other partners and this can help you expand your network.


Higher Affiliate Earnings

MyVariety Partners will receive a higher affiliate earning percentage for referring new clients to us. Instead of a 10% Affiliate Earning Percentage, Partners will get a 25% Affiliate Earning Percentage. Also unlike regular affiliates, Partners will be able to redeem their affiliate payments in cash instead of credits. Terms of our Affiliate Program still apply


Grow your Company

Every Partnership with us is different. We will work with our Partners to ensure that they have a partnership that benefits them and will help them focus on growing.

How the MyVariety Partnership Program Works

Our Partnership Program is divided into 3 phases. Each phase brings you one step closer to being a MyVariety Partner. The phases are explained below.

  • The Application/Offer Phase - When you fill out the Partnership Application, you have begun the Application Phase. It can be considered the Offer Phase if you didn't apply for a Partnership and we reached out to you to Offer a Partnership. If you applied or if we reached out to you, we will still do what we call the Initial Partner Interview. The Initial Partner Interview is so we can introduce ourselves as well as answer any questions and to find out what terms we can both agree upon to do a Partnership. If we don't feel a Partnership will work at this time, this is also when we would explain that.
  • The Draft Phase - After we have come to a basic understanding of what Terms we both agree upon, we will have a Draft Partnership Agreement made. This will then be able to be reviewed and if any modifications are needed we can have a meeting to discuss the changes and make sure that we are both in agreement.
  • The Active Phase - Once we are both in agreement with the terms of the Partnership Agreement, we will have the Partner sign the agreement to make the Partnership Active. We will then archive the agreement and Partnership Benefits will kick in.

What are the basic benefits of being a MyVariety Partner?

These are the benefits that every Partner will get by default.

  • Partners get a 25% Affiliate Earning Percentage instead of 10%.
  • Partner Discount of 25% OFF on all current and future Services as long as you are a Partner
  • Early access to Limited Time Discounts before we announce them to the public
  • Partner Role on our Discord
  • We will promote you in marketing campaigns and in our Partner Spotlight
  • You will be listed on our website as a Partner
  • Partner Badges to place on your website