Our Partnership program aims to not only benefit us but we value our partners and we want the partnership to be beneficial to them as well.


Expand your Network

Being a MyVariety Partner can open you to opportunities to connect with our other partners and this can help you expand your network.



MyVariety Partners will be able to get commission of 25% on services that they do work for and will be able to become resellers for our Hosting service.


Grow your Company

Every Partnership with us is different. We will work with our Partners to ensure that they have a partnership that benefits them and will help them focus on growing.

How the MyVariety Partnership Program Works

When you fill out the MyVariety Partnership Application, we will review it. After reviewing the Partnership Application, we will then determine whether to approve it. Once approved, we will schedule a Partner Interview to get more details on what you as the partner want from the Partnership. We will then write up a Draft Partnership Agreement. Once the draft is complete, we will then have a meeting to go over the terms of the agreement to ensure that everyone is in agreement. Once everyone is in agreement, we finalize the agreement and it goes out for signing. Once signed, we keep it archived and the Partnership Benefits kick in.

There will be qualifications on the Partnership Application that must be met in order for us to Partner with you. Please make sure that you meet the qualifications for the category you fall under.

What are the basic benefits of being a MyVariety Partner?

These are the benefits that every Partner will get by default.

  • Partner Discount of 15% OFF on all current and future Services as long as you are a Partner
  • Early access to Limited Time Discounts before we announce them to the public
  • Partner Role on our Discord
  • We will promote you in marketing campaigns and in our Partner Spotlight
  • You will be listed on our website as a Partner
  • Partner Badges to place on your website
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